An autism treatment centre providing high quality education to individuals
with autism spectrum disorder and empowering them to live independently

Brace Yourself for Autism Spectrum Disorder

As a parent, handling autism spectrum disorder is challenging and exhausting.

On one hand, you try everything to reduce robotic and aggressive behavior and meltdowns in your child. On the other, you work hard to improve their communication, social interactions, academics and skills to land a job. After all, you want your child to be happy and independent, right?

Working hard on all these aspects and yet seeing negligible results is obviously discouraging. Despite doing everything anyone suggests, you feel like you feel that something is missing, like you are in the dark. After all you are not the 'expert'.

We feel your pain, because we have been there. Trust us. And that pain drove us to design a program which creates a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of families affected by autism spectrum disorder. Today, over 50,000 families worldwide (and over 500 in India) have benefited from the program. Parents have witnessed remarkable improvements in their children, who are ready for employment, interact better with their surroundings and with people. The families are able to lead the wholesome life that every family longs for.

We want to help you experience that feeling of completeness - as a parent and a family member. Through our seminar, you can understand the core deficits of autism. With these, you will become an expert in your child's life, know how much s/he needs you, and put your child on the path to independence.

Join renowned international autism consultants - Dr. Rachelle Sheeley, Dr. Steven Gutstein, Mrs. Kamini Lakhani - and others in a 2-day seminar on 'Finding the Missing Pieces of the Autism Puzzle'. For just Rs. 8,500/- for this 2-day workshop you will feel empowered as a parent by becoming an expert in your life.

Dr. Rachelle Sheely

Dr. Rachelle Sheely is the President of RDIconnect and the head of professional training and supervision. For the past fifteen years she has worked tirelessly in the development and logistical implementation of programs for families and professionals working with children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. Dr. Sheely has an accomplished background in education, art, music and poetry. This allows her to inject creativity and originality into the teaching, training and management of the thousands of professionals and families she has worked with until now. With a gift for moving from observation to intuitive precision, her work extends far beyond treatment, and into the everyday moments that resonate in the lives of her clients.

Dr. Steven Gutstein

Dr. Steven Gutstein is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of developmental disabilities. The developer of RDIconnect, he brings over twenty years of experience in treatment planning, program development, clinical expertise and education to his innovative approaches for treating at-risk children, adolescents and adults. Over the course of his career, he has trained thousands of dedicated professionals, supporting them as they work with families around the world. It is Dr. Gutstein's belief that every individual with developmental disabilities merits a second chance to realize success in a world where their choices and decisions are entirely their own.

Mrs. Kamini Lakhani

Mrs. Kamini Lakhani is passionate about the cause of Autism. Her mission is to empower families affected by Autism. She is the Founder of SAI Connections, a Center for children, adolescents and adults on the Autism Spectrum. She has been providing services in this field for the past 20 years. She is a Behavior Analyst and the RDI Director for Professional Training in India and the Middle East. She envisions a world where autistic individuals live independently, with respect and dignity. Her inspiration comes from her now adult son, who has autism.

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